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Library policies

Returning Material to Fintel Library

1. Is there a way to return materials when the library is closed?
During hours at which we are closed, you can put your materials in the drop box, just to the left of the entrance to the Library. Please deposit one item at a time so that the drop box doesn't get "clogged".

2. I noticed the indoor drop box at the Lending Services Desk. Can I use that one, too?
Absolutely. It's much safer to use the drop box than to leave it on the desk.

3. What happens if the materials I return are damaged?
Materials that are damaged need to be replaced so that the rest of the campus community can have access to them. If an item is returned in damaged condition, the borrower is charged with the replacement cost for that item.

4. I feel like I've returned an item, but I've received an email saying it's overdue (and still checked out to me). Now what do I do?
Please double check your home, car, dorm room, book bag, etc. It's essential that you do this right away because each day that the item remains overdue is reflected in the fines on your Library record. The item almost always shows up, but if it doesn't, please reply to the email notice that you received so that we can look to see if we've made a mistake on our side. In case the mistake is ours, we gladly waive the fines. If it doesn't surface anywhere, then please email us.

5. Suppose I pay the default cost for an item that I have lost ($55 for books / $250 for camcorders and projectors / $600 for bicycles / $1,100 for laptops ), but I find it later. Can I get a refund?
The Library immediately deposits payments with the college's Business Office so refunds are not possible. Insure that you cannot locate the items before making payment. However, the Library would appreciate the return of any materials found later so that others may use the items.