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Library policies

Welcome to Fintel Library

Our mission:

Fintel Library strives to provide the necessary information resources, archives, services, staff, and facilities that promote a liberal education, the College's academic and administrative programs, and institutional history. Committed first to Roanoke College students and the campus community, Fintel Library also serves as a resource to the surrounding community.

  • Outcomes and Objectives
  • Resources-Acquire and make available information resources for the intellectual advancement of students, faculty, staff, and the college as a whole.  Organize and make accessible these resources using appropriate methods and technologies.
  • Assistance in Library Use-Provide professional assistance and instruction in using authoritative and appropriate resources for research.
  • Staff-Provide professional, courteous assistance. Practice currently accepted and recommended management techniques.
  • Facilities-Provide an inviting, comfortable physical and intellectual environment in which learning and social engagement may take place. Provide for independent and collaborative research and study.