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Library policies

Fintel Library Facilities Policy

Areas are not available for rental by the general public. However, Fintel Library does encourage the College community to use the building for educational activities. Areas are generally available on a first come, first served basis unless otherwise reserved.

Faculty Carrels

Please see the Faculty Carrel policy and application form.

Ground Floor Rooms 

Room 050- Group Study Room
Room 055- Group Study Room
Room 060- Group Study Room

The ground floor group study rooms are intended to accommodate 3-8 people each. While drop-ins and are welcome, priority will be given to groups of three to eight students who have made a reservation through the online reservation system.

Room 001- Classroom -- During the academic semester, class sessions with faculty and library instruction are a priority over other events.

Third Floor Rooms 

Board of Trustees Room - Accommodates 30 people.  Reservations are made through the Administrative Assistant to the President (375-2201).

Room 308- Group Study Room
Room 310- Group Study Room
Room 385- Group Study Room
Room 390- Group Study Room

The third floor group study rooms accommodate 6-8 people per room and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Individuals or smaller groups are asked to find an alternative space.

After-Hours Study

Miller Hall has been designated as an after-hours study space, once the library has closed for the day,