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Library policies

Borrowing from Fintel Library

1. What do I need in order to borrow materials?
Not a lot. Just bring your campus ID. While we have a strong preference for your use of your campus ID, we will accept your seven digit student ID number (found on the front of your card), assuming you've memorized it.


2. How long can I keep materials? Are there any limits on what I may borrow? What if I lose or damage something that I've borrowed?

Students, faculty, and staff:

  • Books: 120 day loans; one 30 day renewal for students; two 120 day renewals for faculty and staff; no late fines
  • DVDs and Magazines: 7 day loans; no renewals; no late fines
  • Markers, headphones, and HDMI cable: 3 hour loans; no renewals; $0.25/hr late fines for students
  • 3 hr computers: 3 hour loans; no renewals; $1/hr late fines for students
  • 3 Day Computers, camcorders, cameras,  DVD drives, bicycles, games, projectors, tripods, voice recorders: 3 day loans; $1/hr late fines for students
  • Course reserves: 3hr, 24hr, or 3 days; no renewals; $1/hr late fines for students
  • Umbrellas: 24hr; no renewals; $0.25/late fines for students

Guest borrowers and Alumni:

  • Books: 30 day loans; one renewal; $0.25/day late fines
  • DVDs and Magazines: 7 day loans; no renewals; $1.00/day late fines

VIVA borrowers:

  • Books: 28 day loans; one renewal; $1.00/day late fines
  • DVDs and Magazines: 28 day loans; no renewals; $1.00/day late

Replacement fees and other important details:

  • The replacement fee for books, DVDs, headphones, voice recorders, DVD drives, tripods, and games is $55.00.
  • The replacement fee for camcorders and projectors is $250.00.
  • The replacement fee for bicycles is $600.00.
  • The replacement fee for laptops and the Canon Rebel camera is $1,100.00.
  • Recalled items are given a new due date of 2 weeks from the recalled date. Students and guest borrowers accrue fines of $1.00/day for every day the recalled item is late. VIVA patrons accrue fines of $3.00/day for every day the recalled item is late.
  • Items that cannot be renewed (online or in person) may be checked in and then rechecked out at the Lending Services desk on a case-by-case basis, provided that the patron brings the item to the desk and that there are no outstanding requests for the item.


3. Can I check materials out any time that the library is open?
Yes. The only exception to this is during exam periods when the Library is open 24 hours and the Lending Services Desk closes at midnight. Library Hours.

4. If I have fines on my Library record, will it stop me from borrowing materials?

Once your fines reach $10, you will be unable to borrow materials. Please see the table in the answer to the next question for the rate at which fines accrue.

5. Can I have someone check materials out on my behalf?

Regardless of borrower status, we cannot check materials out to anyone who isn't present at the time of checkout. We observe this guideline as a means of protecting your Library record from potential misuse. Faculty may adhere to the guidelines of proxy borrowing, please see your department chair for details on how this works.

6. If the book I want is already checked out by someone, how long must I wait for to have access to it?

As long as the person with the book has had it for a minimum of 30 days, a recall can be placed. This means that the person with the book will be notified that the loan period for your requested item has been shortened from 120 (to no fewer than 30) days and that s/he now has 7 days to return it. There is no special button to look for in the catalog. Just click on the “request” button that you’ve always used and the rest will fall in place! You’ll be notified as usual when the book you’ve recalled is ready for pickup.


7. As a member of the Roanoke College Community, am I able to obtain materials from other libraries?
Students, staff and faculty of Roanoke College may use Interlibrary Loan services offered by Fintel Library. An additional privilege afforded to current Roanoke College faculty, staff, and students with library accounts in good standing is the convenience of borrowing materials from any of over 50 college libraries in the state of Virginia! Whether it's fall break, summer time, or just a long drive that has you in the vicinity of a participating VIVA college or university, be sure to make good use of this benefit. (Keep in mind that to use this service, the host institution will ask you to show that you are currently registered at Roanoke College or that you are active faculty or staff. Using this service is done in accordance with the borrowing policies of the host institution.)