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Software Copyright Policy

This section provides guidelines for making appropriate copies of computer software. 

Software does not need to display a copyright notice to be legally copyrighted- do not assume software is in the public domain even if it does not carry a copyright notice.

License agreements may broaden or narrow the rights allowed under the Copyright Act. You should consult the license agreement or contact the copyright owner before making adaptations of programs not purchased.

You may:

  • adapt a program you have purchased so it can be used on your computer.

  • make one copy to use if the original is stored.

  • make copies of shareware. Do not make copies if the software does not specifically state that it is shareware.

You should not: 

  • make a program, with a single machine license, available on the college network or to others either on or off campus.

  • allow more copies to be simultaneously used than purchased or licensed.

  • make copies of software licensed or owned by the College for your personal use except where explicitly allowed by the software vendor. Check with Information Technology (375-2225).