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How do I...get started with academic research

Great databases to use for searching for academic articles

Where to search for articles

Are you looking for an article that you had the title for? Great! Try typing in the title of that article with quotes around the title in the Discover Fintel box and select Everything.

If you don't know the title of the article you are looking for, but you want to find articles about climate change and certain countries that are affected by climate change, then try using keywords like: climate change maldives. Or use Boolean Operators like climate change AND affect AND maldives.

Once you get your results, limit them by selecting the filters to the left that best reflect what you're looking for. If you need a scholarly peer-reviewed article, select that filter. 

If you need full-text articles, select that filter, too.

NOTE: The Full Text Online facet is not just for articles- it includes books, book chapters, essays, etc. ANYTHING that is related to your keyword search that exists in full text via the Discover Fintel search engine.