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Showcase of Faculty Scholarship 2016

Faculty Showcase 2016

Modern Languages

Gibbs, Gary. G., Leeson, Whitney. A. M., & Ogier, James.M. (2014). Writing and editing texts for the 21st century classroom. Sixteenth Century Journal, 45(4) 973-974.

Ogier, James M. (2014). Hartlieb and Beheim at the Munich court: Parallel trajectories. In Jefferis, Sibylle (Ed.), Earthly and Spiritual Pleasures in Medieval Life, Literature, Art, and Music: In Memory of Ulrich Müller. Göppingen: Kümmerle Verlag.

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Scaer, David O. (2014). Paperclip. Roanoke, VA: The Fourteen Seventy.

Scaer, David O. (2014). Passacaglia. Roanoke, VA: The Fourteen Seventy.

Scaer, David O. (2015). Speakeasy. Roanoke, VA: The Fourteen Seventy