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INQ300 The Inclusive Classroom / EDUC371 Field Exp Elem Reading Instr: General Search Strategies

Web & Database Searching

Use these strategies primarily for resources about a topic, although you will find that some sites will provide lists of books also.

  1. Enter terms in the browser
  2. Use quotation marks for phrases e.g. “culturally inclusive”
  3. Suggested terms / phrases
    • Multicultural book publishing
    • lgbtq children's books
    • collection development libraries or library multicultural
    • children's books race
    • global competence k-12
    • diverse young adult literature
    • Culturally inclusive children’s books reviews
  4. When searching databases use the left sidebar to narrow your search (e.g. date, subject, resource type)
  5. When searching using internet search engines. adding an extension at the end of your search will help narrow your results to specific types of agencies
    • e.g. culturally inclusive children’s books

Library Catalog

Use these strategies to find Juvenile & Young Adult Literature.  NOTE:  by clicking on each of the phrase examples you will see a selection of items located in Roanoke and Hollins’ libraries.

  1. Use quotations for phrases
  2. Use the * (asterisk) as the wildcard for words which can end in more than one way
  3. For books found on the shelves of Roanoke and/or Hollins use the left sidebar to 
    • Limit and lock your search to specific locations that hold juvenile/young adult books (removing these locations will produce citations about the topic vs. just children’s books)
    • Limit to a specific Resource format (e.g. books)
    • To narrow the subjects of the resources
  4. Click on the titles found and look at the subjects associated with the books and use those terms to find additional relevant titles
  5. Boolean operator OR works well when you are unsure of which term to use
  6. Sample searches from Fintel’s catalog
    • “Single parent” famil* (juvenile OR young adult)
    • gay (couple* OR parent*) (juvenile OR young adult)
    • siblings (juvenile OR young adult)
    • happiness (juvenile OR young adult")