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Course Reserves instructions for faculty



Thank you for thinking ahead when planning for your students' access to library course reserves. Here is a summary of the two course reserve types that Fintel Library can provide for students in your classes.

Print reserves. This is the most common and straightforward form of course reserve access provided by Fintel Library. Almost any item owned by Fintel Library can be put on course reserve for use by your students during the academic semester. Because these items have been purchased by Fintel Library, there is no need for us to seek permission to use them in this way; that is, they can be placed on course reserve without the copyright owner's permission under the fair use doctrine of U.S. law.

E-reserves. For items that the library does not own, there is the option of digitizing the part of the work that is needed for your class. This can be done a single time without the library's needing to seek copyright permission. Subsequent uses of the same material require permission and payment.

Please take into account the following considerations when deciding if e-reserves might be a service that might be beneficial to you and your students: 

  • To be in compliance with the reasonable limits of fair use, the library can digitize up to one chapter from a single work or 10% of that work. 
  • Scanned journal articles placed on electronic reserves may not exceed two articles from any single issue of the publication. 

The above limitations are cumulative over the course of the semester.


Processing time for placing items on reserve

For materials not requiring copyright permission, allow two weeks lead time during the first four weeks of the fall and spring semesters. For materials not requiring copyright permission, a minimum of 72 hours is required to process materials.

Items submitted on Friday are usually processed the following week; i.e., students will not have access to them over the weekend.

Materials can be processed faster when you submit them between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when we're able to discuss any questions or comments you might have.

Submission deadlines for copyrighted items needing permission are as follows:

June 1st - For Fall semester items
November 1st - For Spring semester items
March 1st - For May/IL/Summer I & II terms items

Checklist for placing books, DVDs, CDs, and other non photocopied items on course reserve

___ Read the Course Reserves Copyright Guidelines first.

___ Submit your requests via the online request form.

____ When items are available for students , anticipate an email from Fintel Library staff in which we confirm that your request is complete.

Removal of reserve materials

Photocopied/scanned readings cannot remain on Reserve for more than one semester without copyright permission. You will receive an email at the end of each semester to remind you to retrieve your personal books or films placed on reserve. Please let us know of your intention to pick them up so that we can have your materials ready for you when you arrive.

If you have questions relating to course reserves, contact us by phone at 375-2294 or Or, you may stop by the Lending Services Desk between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. As always, we appreciate your cooperation!

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