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Education 250: Teaching, Learning & Cognition: Search for Resources

EDUC 250 Teaching and Learning

Websites re: Exceptional students

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Search strategies:

- To find books using the library's search tool, from the dropdown menu choose "Search Books & Films" & enter keywords or phrases such as  "individualized education program", iep, dyscalculia, OEs AND gifted, inclusiv*, giftedness, "diverse learners", etc.  The * (asterisk) serves as a truncation symbol.   For example when searching for inclusiv* results will contain the words inclusive, inclusivity, and inclusiveness.

- Examples of other keywords and phrases to use are:

Special education; "early childhood special education"; "Culturally responsive resources;" "Disciplinary literacy;" Inclusive education; Exceptional students; Gifted children - Education; Dyslexic children - Education; Children with disabilities - Education; Children with social disabilities - Education; Mainstreaming in education; MSCI - Inclusion; MSCI - Differentiated instruction; Curriculum Lab - Exceptional children; Physical education for children with disabilities; Teachers of children with disabilities; Parents of children with disabilities; Parent Teacher Relationships; Home and School; Multicultural education