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International Students: Library Services and Resources

Where in the Library can I find...

To locate fiction literature books in the Library, use these Library of Congress Call Numbers to browse the stacks on the 2nd floor:

PF 1- PF979                 Dutch

PG801 – PG1146       Bulgarian

PJ6001-- PJ8517        Arabic

PK1971-- PK1979.5   Urdu

PK8001 – PK8832      Armenian

PL501 – PL889           Japanese

PL950-- PL998            Korean

PL1001 – PL3208       Chinese

PL3551--PL4001         Burmese

PL4371 – PL4379       Vietnamese

PL8000 – PL8844       African

PQ 1 – PQ3999          French

PQ4001 – PQ5999     Italian

PQ6001 – PQ8929     Spanish

PQ9000 – PQ9999     Portuguese

PT1 – PT 4897            German