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INQ 250CH: Chemistry and Crime: Books

INQ 250CH: Chemistry and Crime

Books and E-Books

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TRY these strategies in: DISCOVER FINTEL

To find more books about specific poison (as well as chapters in books), use the "Search Books" option & enter  KEYWORDS

--for example: tetrodotoxin,  α-amanitin, etc.

--- Don't forget to also search for the source of the poison (e.g. puffer fish, or mushrooms)


To find info about murder by poison, use the "Search Everything" option & enter :

 [your poison & murder*] OR enter: [your poison & homicid*]  OR [plant your poison comes from & murder*] OR [animal your poison comes from & murder*]... (e.g. Pufferfish and murder*)


ALSO, once you are at the DISCOVER FINTEL homepage, consider using it's BROWSE TAB, and enter one of the following Subjects

BROWSE by SUBJECT for specific poison & find books (e. g. Arsenic, Strychnine, Ricin, etc.)

BROWSE by SUBJECT for categories:  (e.g. Poisons; Poisonous animals; Poisonous snakes-Venom; Venoms; Antivenins; Poisonous plants; Mushrooms, poisonous; Pesticides-Toxicology; Toxins; Neurotoxic agents...) then go to the shelf, find each book, & check the Index & the Table of Contents


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