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Physics, Computer Science, and Math Research Guide: Web Sites

Recommended Web Sites


Web Sites



Computer Science Web Sites


NCSTRL(pronounced "ancestral") is an international collection of computer science technical reports from CS departments and industrial and government research laboratories, made available for non-commercial and eduational use

The National Science Digital Library provides search capability plus links to other libraries

Computer Science Bibliographies

 INFOMINE Internet resource materials on a scholarly level


Math Web Sites


American Mathematical Society

Mathematical Association of America

Mathematics Genealogy Project

MacTutor History of Mathematics

Improve your math skills

Math help

Math Forum @ Drexel

Jobs in mathematics


Physics Web Sites


Your guide to Physics on the web

Popular Science

The Nucleus

The Society of Physics Students is a searchable archive of physics preprints (papers submitted before publication). is an archive of lectures on physics, patterned somewhat after arXiv.

SPIRES is a literature database for high energy physics papers.

JOBS in Physics


Resources for funding support for graduate school:


National Science Foundation Fellowships

National Physical Science Consortium - The College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees page is designed to offer college-bound, graduate school-bound, and career school bound students of all ages easy access to information about a wide variety of subjects