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Physics, Computer Science, and Math Research Guide: Journals

Full -Text Journals

A listing by topic of the Full-Text journals available in Fintel Library's collections.

 Mathematics (~760)
Spacer Image Algebra (~16)
Spacer Image Analysis (~27)
Spacer Image Analytic mechanics (~4)
Spacer Image Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic (~2)
Spacer Image General (~68)
Spacer Image Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology (~9)
Spacer Image Instruments and machines (~260)
Spacer Image Probabilities. Mathematical statistics (~34)
Spacer Image Tables (1)

Physics (~259)
Spacer Image Acoustics. Sound (~5)
Spacer Image Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter (~21)
Spacer Image Descriptive and experimental mechanics (~8)
Spacer Image Electricity and magnetism (~13)
Spacer Image General (~28)
Spacer Image Geophysics. Cosmic physics (~8)
Spacer Image Heat (~11)
Spacer Image Meteorology. Climatology (~25)
Spacer Image Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity (~19)
Spacer Image Optics. Light (~12)
Spacer Image Radiation physics (General) (~3)
Spacer Image Weights and measures (1)