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POLI 256 US Health Policy: Databases for Journal, Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Not sure about a journal being peer-reviewed? Try Ulrich's


Try Harvard's Think Tank Search


Think Tank Search

Harvard's Kennedy School of Government library created this custom Google search. It helps you find hundreds of US and international think tanks

Think tanks are defined by the above as "institutions affiliated with universities, governments, advocacy groups, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that generate public policy research, analysis, and activity."

Tips: Search these selected think tanks by keywords to find research and analysis.
If one seems most relevant to your topic, go to the home page and mine the site for publications, issues, research, and links to other organizations.

And don't forget to evaluate the Think Tanks as not all are created equal!

Evaluating Information Sources

When evaluating the veracity of sources (articles, websites, etc.) consider the following criteria:

1.  Are the sources authoritative and relevant? Is it possible to determine:

  • Currency of information
  • Sources cited in the work / Sources citing the work
  • Person(s) participating in creating the source
  • If there are balance viewpoints
  • Peer Reviewed / Refereed / Scholarly
  • To what sites do the links/URLS in the sources go

2.  Are the sources from:

  • Trade publications (e.g. Time/Warner )
  • University presses (e.g. Duke University Press)
  • Professional associations (American Chemical Society, National Education Association )
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary sources
  • Websites (for example: .com,  .org., .edu, .gov)

For more information about evaluating sources, review the recommended sites below:

Subject Guide

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