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INQ 110 The Age of the Model T: Paper #2: Primary Source Analysis


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Using Microfilm

Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need help with using microfilm. Fintel Library has several older microfilm readers, as well as a newer model. All are located on the First Floor. All microfilm and microfiche is located in cabinets on the Ground Floor. 

To use the new microfilm reader, follow the instructions at the workstation. Below are some tips for using the older microfilm readers.

To load microfilm on old machines:

  • Pull carrier handle forward until the glass plate lifts
  • Load the reel with film over the top of the reel and feed under white plastic roller.
  • Insert film into slot in take up reel and wind a few times to secure the reel.

Other Tips:

  • Move the carrier handle to adjust the position of the film.
  • Use the larger grey wheel beneath the screen to sharpen/focus; use the green wheel to adjust the fit of the page.
  • Use the grey knob in the lower right corner to reorient the page position.
  • Use the "Output Selection" options to change from portrait to landscape. For portrait orientation, the top light should be green.
  • The green start button prints the selected page.


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