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Where in the Library can I find...

To locate fiction literature books in the Library, use these Library of Congress Call Numbers to browse the stacks on the 2nd floor:

PF 1- PF979                 Dutch

PG801 – PG1146       Bulgarian

PJ6001-- PJ8517        Arabic

PK1971-- PK1979.5   Urdu

PK8001 – PK8832      Armenian

PL501 – PL889           Japanese

PL950-- PL998            Korean

PL1001 – PL3208       Chinese

PL3551--PL4001         Burmese

PL4371 – PL4379       Vietnamese

PL8000 – PL8844       African

PQ 1 – PQ3999          French

PQ4001 – PQ5999     Italian

PQ6001 – PQ8929     Spanish

PQ9000 – PQ9999     Portuguese

PT1 – PT 4897            German

Current International News and Scholarly Journal Databases

How to find DVDs in a specific language


Once you have executed a search in the Discover Fintel search box and you are in your results page, click on the Advanced Search link to the right and you have will many more options to limit your search, including Language. 


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