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Education 250: Teaching & Learning (Stoneman): Resources in Fintel Library

Journal articles (Samples)

"Disability and your Music students" -Featured articles in the VOL.99 no.1 (September 2012) issue of: MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL

1. Disability in the classroom: current trends and impacts on music education

2. The Music student with epilepsy

3. Inclusive music teaching strategies for elementary-age children with developmental dyslexia

4. Accomodating band students with visual impairments

5. Zero margin for error: effective strategies for teaching music to students with emotional disturbances


"Students who challenge us" - Featured articles in the VOL.70 no.2 (October 2012) issue of: EL, EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP

1. Ferrari engines, bicycles brakes [ADHD]

2. Call me different, not difficult [Autism]

3. Tourette syndrome in the classroom

4. First discover their strengths - Sidebar: How can we best help Brittany [fetal alcohol]



Books about Exceptional students: for children & their teachers

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