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Roanoke College Campus Speakers

Speakers and photographers from the Henry H. Fowler Lecture Series and other Campus Speakers

The Fowler lecture program serves as an open forum on public affairs. In additional to classroom sessions with Roanoke College students, guest lecturers give public addresses, free of charge, to the community. Since its initiation in 1983, the program has brought to campus such political luminaries as former presidents, former U.N. ambassadors, former Supreme Court Justices, foreign heads of state, Senators, eminent journalists and social critics, and speakers of distinction from all areas of human endeavor.

The collection is housed in the JSTOR Open Community Collections. It consists of digitized photographic slides and other digital images that document the speakers and some of their activities on campus during their visits

Benazir Bhutto, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Ann Richards


Fowler Lecture Series Speakers

Michael Barone Morris Dees Patricia Johnson Mohamed El Mansour William Raspberry Daniel Schorr
Peter Bauer Alan Dershowitz Alfred Kahn Sam Margulies Ann Richards Ronald Segal 
Robert Bellah Gary Dorrien James Kilpatrick James McGrath Charles Robb Shebly Steele
Benazir Bhutto Lawrence Eagleburger Jeane Kirkpatrick  Lawrence Mead Cokie Roberts Walter Stoessel
Robert Bork  Art Ellis Henry Kissinger David Molpus Randall Robinson Carol Swain
William Buckley Gerald Ford William Kristol Michael Naumann Dennis Ross Elizabeth Taylor 
Margaret Carlson Stephen Gould Anthony Lake Tim Obrien Edward Said Edward O. Wilson
Jimmy Carter Alex Haley Mara Liasson P.J. O'Rourke Cheryl Sanders James Q. Wilson 
Stephen Cohen Nat Hentoff  Thomas Lovejoy  Wolfhart Pannenberg Helmut Schmidt Andrew Young