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INQ 300 Now iLearn (Crozier): Web Sites

Recommended Web Sites


Websites referenced in class textbook (pages 162-6):

                     Cisco Networking Academy

                       Oracle Academy

Microsoft IT Academy

Illinois Math & Science Academy's Problem Based Learning Network (PBL Network)

Univ. of Delaware's Problem-Based Learning resources & clearinghouse

George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia

Buck Foundation's PBL-Online

American Association of School Librarians

ACRL: Information Literacy Competency Standards for: 1)Higher Education, 2)Journalism students, 3)Anthropology & Sociology students, 4)Science and Technology, 5)Teacher Education

 See pages 164-166 of the class textbook "21st Century Skills" for additional websites



  Websites for contemporary scientific topics (Popular press)

Medical News Today - this website is a good online resource for those who want to keep up with popular press news items; the popular articles "draw from reputable sources such as JAMA, British Medical Journal, & Lancet..."

NPR - Science -- including "Science Friday" programs

The Scientist< - this site is a mix of scientific articles and general information pieces... Information pieces are accessible to informed lay audiences who are interested in the life sciences.

Science Times (aka "Science Tuesday") - weekly feature of the N.Y. Times newspaper

BBC Health News

Reuters Health News

Slate Magazine





Web Sites of Interest ?