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INQ 300 Powerful Medicine, How Do Drugs Affect Our Life? / Pharmaceuticals: Books

Fall 2015 Hollis

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Search strategies in: DISCOVER FINTEL

- To find more books, use the "Search Books" option & enter  KEYWORDS

  for example : European Medicines Agency ; EMEA  ;  FDA  ;  Pharmaceutical assistance ; Nutraceuticals; Clawbacks; etc

  for example:  Robotic* screening;  Pre-clinical trial*;  Preclinical trial*;  Preclinical test*;  Animal studies;  Animal toxicity test*;  Animal testing;  Toxicity test* and [mice, dog, monkey, pig, etc.]

- ALSO, once you are at the DISCOVER FINTEL homepage, consider using it's BROWSE TAB, and enter one of the following Subjects:

  Pharmaceutical industry, Psychotropic drugs industry, Vaccines industry, Veterinary drug industry, Osteoporosis drug industry, Nonprescription drug industry, Dietary supplements industry, Dermatologic agents industry, Botanical drug industry, Weight loss preparations industry; United States Food and Drug Administration; Drugs - Mechanism of action;  Drugs - Physiological effect;  Drugs - Effectiveness;  Chemotherapy;  Placebos (Medicine);  Drugs - Generic substitution;  Generic drugs;  Drug development;  Drugs - Testing;  Clinical trials;   Drugs - Prices;  Prescription pricing;  Drugs - Marketing;  Drug reimportation;  Pharmaceutical services insurance;  Advertising drugs; Medication errors;  Veterinary drugs; Diseases-Animal models;  Toxicity testing-In virto;  Animal experimentation;  Alternative toxicity testing;  Drugs-Toxicity testing;  Drugs-Testing


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 INQ 300 -- Powerful Medicine: How Do Drugs Affect Our Life?

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