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INQ 300 Empathy and Civil Discourse

Search strategies for your groups


Some search strings that may prove productive for your group.

These are search strings that I used in doing a pre-search for this topic. It is important to make note of the punctuation in these strings. Putting terms inside quotation marks "like so" tells the search engine that those words are to be treated as a phrase. The asterisk is a substitute for multiple characters.

  • Group Topic: Reddit and free speech/hate speech/moderation on social media platforms – especially in relation to anti-Semiitism (Specifically they raised the issue of responses the synagogue in Pittsburgh

​                       Reddit AND “hate speech” (you could also use "free speech" to find other sources)

Reddit AND anti-semitism”

See also:

“social media” AND Pittsburgh AND synagogue

Reddit AND pittsburgh AND synagogue


  • Group topic: Slut-shaming and the sexual double standard women face, particularly on college campuses

“slut sham*” AND college (The truncation character is important here because it picks up shame, shaming, shamers, etc.)

“slut sham*” AND college AND “double standard” (filter to Availability = full text online using the menu on the left of the screen)


  • Group topic: Cancel culture—origin of the term and practice, how it slips between online spaces and real world spaces

Neither “cancel culture” nor the related "call out culture" is an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, which indicates that it is a new turn of phrase. 

“cancel culture” (lots of opinion the Poole article iin the Guardian seems to have some traction. See the bibliography)


  • Discrimination in health care as rooted in a lack of empathy—its roots in bias (poverty, race, sex/gender) and privilege

Discrimination AND “health care”

“systemic racism” AND “health care”

Bias AND “health care”

Empathy AND “health care”

Empathy AND bias AND “health care”