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For copyright information please see Course Reserves Copyright Guidelines.

If you have questions relating to Course Reserves, contact us by phone at 375-2294 or Or, you may stop by the Lending Services Desk between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. As always, we appreciate your cooperation.

Processing time for placing items on Reserve

For materials not requiring copyright permission, allow two weeks lead time during the first four weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Otherwise, a minimum of 72 hours is required to process materials.

Items submitted on Friday are usually processed the following week; i.e., students will not have access to them over the weekend.

Materials can be processed faster when you submit them between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when we're able to discuss any questions or comments you might have.

Submission deadlines for copyrighted items needing permission

June 1st - For Fall semester items
November 1st - For Spring semester items
March 1st - For May/IL/Summer I & II terms items

Checklist for placing books, DVDs, videos, CDs, and other non-photocopied items on Reserve

___ Bring all Fintel Library, departmental, or personal items you wish to place on Reserve to the Lending Services Desk.

___ Bring with the items a completed Reserves form (Microsoft Word required). Only one form per course is required for non-photocopied items.

___ Agree that personal or departmental items can be barcoded on the front cover. Please remove book jackets unless they are essential. Fintel Library cannot accept responsibility for damaged or lost items.

Checklist for photocopied items (articles/chapters for E-Reserves or regular Reserves)

You might consider asking student assistants or departmental secretaries to assist you with the pre-processing tasks below. The library keeps on hand a supply of folders if supplies are not readily available in departmental offices.

___ Read the Course Reserves Copyright Guidelines first.

___ Submit a completed Reserves form (Microsoft Word required) for each item. 

___ Provide a manila (or other appropriate) folder for each photocopied reading. Each folder should be labeled with:

___ your last name;
___ the course number (e.g. INQ110A);
___ the author/editor's last name; and
___ a brief title (that will hopefully match the title you're using on your course syllabus).

___ Always include a photocopy of the copyright information page from your source. (Look for the ©.) We cannot legally place the item on Reserve without it.

___ Readings with more than 50 pages (pieces of paper) or legal-sized (8½" x 14") copies cannot be scanned but will be made available for checkout at the Lending Services Desk.  

___ When submitting a photocopy provide one clean, single-sided, unstapled (paper clips are okay), 8½" x 11" photocopy. 

___ The photocopied page must have a ½" margin on all sides to avoid missing text from the edges of the scanned pages.

___ Please make sure each photocopied page is numbered.

Removal of Reserve materials

Photocopied/scanned readings cannot remain on Reserve for more than one semester without copyright permission. A Web Announcement ("Daily e-mail") is submitted at the end of each semester to remind you to retrieve your personal or departmental Reserve items. 

Usage reports indicating how many times each Reserve reading (both paper and E-Reserves) was checked out or accessed online are either e-mailed or sent via campus mail to you at the end of the semester/term.

Steps to access your course record and online catalog E-Reserve readings

You must have Adobe Acrobat to access the readings.

To review the list of items on Reserve for your courses, follow either of these procedures:

From the library home page, under Course Reserves, click "Search by Professor". Key your last name and then select the desired course. 

From the Library's Catalog, under Search Options on the right, click "Reserve by professor".  Key in your last name, and then select the desired course.

From here, you and your students can access your E-Reserve materials:

  1. Select the specific reading. The title will be preceded by "Print or View" and the box on the right will indicate "ELECTRONIC COPY AVAILABLE". 
  2. On this screen, click Roanoke; enter your campus network user name in the next field; enter your campus network password in the next field; enter the course password in the next field; click Submit.
  3. You can now view or print the reading. 
  4. When printing, use Adobe's print icon and not the browser's.

Please contact the Lending Services Desk (375-2294) if you or your students have any difficulties accessing E-Reserves.

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