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Test of Gross Motor Development, 2d edition (TGMD-2) / Prest  (2000)

Activity for everyone: children of all abiities in a regular physical activity program, a hands-on lesson plan book / Randazzo (2005) 

Children with special needs: lessons for early childhood professionals / Kostelnik (2002) - each chapter introduces you to a child (birth-8 years old) with 1 or more special needs (e.g. autism, cerebral palsy, adhd, Down syndrome, etc.)

Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings / Smith (2008) - includes chapters on: Emotional & behavior disorders, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, Autism spectrum, Sensory impairments & brain injury, Communication disorders, etc.

From isolation to intimacy: making friends without words / Caldwell (2007) - case reports about body language with autism and cerebral palsy

School professionals working with children with cochlear implants / Chute  (2006)

Adapted physical education and sport / Winnick (2005) - includes chapters on: cerebral palsy, low vision/blindness, hearing disorders/deafness

A Practical guide to teaching the mentally retarded to swim / Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics

Teaching golf to special populations / Owens (1984)

Physical best and individuals with physical disabilities: a handbook for inclusion in fitness programs / American Association for Active Lifestyle and Fitness (1995)

Fitness programming and physical disability / Miller (1995)

Making a place for kids with disabilities / Fink (2000)

Sports everyone! : recreation and sports for the physically challenged of all ages (1995)

Sports and exercise for children with chronic health conditions / Goldberg (1995)

Sports and the physically challenged: an encyclopedia of people, events and organizations / Mastandrea (2006)

Special needs, special horses: a guide to the benefits of therapeutic riding / Scott (2005) - includes info on Cerebral palsy

Dog named Slugger: the true story of the service dog that changed my life / by Leigh Brill (2010) [Author is RC alum 1992] - Cerebral palsy

Resilience: learning from people with disabilities and the turning points in their lives / King  (2003)

Dance for the handicapped /Nationa Dance Association (1980)

ACSM's exercise management for persons with chronic diseases & disabilities / Durstine (2009) - includes info on Cerebral Palsy

Brain gym: simple activities for whole brain learning / Dennison (1986)

Hands on: how to use Brain gym in the classroom / Cohen (2003)

Edu-K for kids / Dennison (1987)

Learning gym: fun-to-do activities for success at school / Ballinger (1996)

Cultural reciprocity in special education: building family-professional relationships / Kalyanpur (2012)

Constructing autism: unravelling the truth and understanding the social / Nadesan (2005)

Brockport physical fitness test manual / Winnick  (1999) - includes tests for: visual impairment, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, etc.

Brockport physical fitness training guide / Winnick (1999) - physical activity considerations for youngsters with disabilities

Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual / BSA  (2007)  [E-book]

Virginia Recreational Resources for People with Disabilities / VA Dept. of Health. Health Promotion for People with Disabilities Project  (2006)  [E-book]

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