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INQ 300 Powerful Medicine, how do drugs affect our life? / Pharmaceuticals: Books

Fall 2015 Hollis


Welcome to the combined Library Guide for:

 INQ 300: Powerful Medicine, how do drugs affect our life?

[ IL 177:  Pharmaceuticals in the USA - not taught this term]

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Big Pharma: exposing the global healthcare agenda / HD 9665.5 L38 2006

Body hunters: testing new drugs on the world's poorest patients /  RA 401 D44 S53 2006

Drug discovery and development / RM 301.25 D78 2006

Drug discovery: from bedside to Wall Street / RM 301.25 B37 2006

Future of drug safety: promoting & protecting the health of the public [e-Book, 2007]

In search of a cure: a history of pharmaceutical discovery / RM 45 W43 1990

Inside the FDA: the business & politics behind the drugs we take... [e-Book, 2005]

Introduction to medicinal chemistry: how drugs act and why? /  RS 403 .G76 1997

Let them eat Prozac: the unhealthy relationship between the pharmaceutical industry & depression / RM 332 H423 2004

Magic molecules: how drugs work [e-Book, 1998 (on-campus)]

Magic molecules: how drugs work [e-Book (off-campus)]

The Moral corporation, Merck experiences / HD 9666.9 M4 V34 2006

New drug approval process : the global challenge [ebook, 2000]

On the take: how medicine's complicity with big business can endanger your health [e-Book, 2005]

Over dose: the case against the drug companies /  RM302.5 C64 2001

Powerful medicines: the benefits, risks & costs of prescription drugs/ HD 9666.5 A94 2005

Protecting America's health: the FDA, business & 100 years of regulation / RA 11 H54 2003

Public financing of pharmaceuticals: an economic approach [e-Book, 2005]

The Real drug abusers / RM 263 L42 2003

Truth about the drug companies: how they deceive us & what to do about it / HD 9666.5 A74 2005

2005-2010 world outlook for pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing [e-Book 2005]

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