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INQ 300 Powerful Medicine, how do drugs affect our life? / Pharmaceuticals: Books

Fall 2015 Hollis


Welcome to the combined Library Guide for:

 INQ 300: Powerful Medicine, how do drugs affect our life?

[ IL 177:  Pharmaceuticals in the USA - not taught Fall 2015]

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Big Pharma: exposing the global healthcare agenda / HD 9665.5 L38 2006

Body hunters: testing new drugs on the world's poorest patients /  RA 401 D44 S53 2006

Drug discovery and development / RM 301.25 D78 2006

Drug discovery: from bedside to Wall Street / RM 301.25 B37 2006

Future of drug safety: promoting & protecting the health of the public [e-Book, 2007]

In search of a cure: a history of pharmaceutical discovery / RM 45 W43 1990

Inside the FDA: the business & politics behind the drugs we take... [e-Book, 2005]

Introduction to medicinal chemistry: how drugs act and why? /  RS 403 .G76 1997

Let them eat Prozac: the unhealthy relationship between the pharmaceutical industry & depression / RM 332 H423 2004

Magic molecules: how drugs work [e-Book, 1998 (on-campus)]

Magic molecules: how drugs work [e-Book (off-campus)]

The Moral corporation, Merck experiences / HD 9666.9 M4 V34 2006

New drug approval process : the global challenge [ebook, 2000]

On the take: how medicine's complicity with big business can endanger your health [e-Book, 2005]

Over dose: the case against the drug companies /  RM302.5 C64 2001

Powerful medicines: the benefits, risks & costs of prescription drugs/ HD 9666.5 A94 2005

Protecting America's health: the FDA, business & 100 years of regulation / RA 11 H54 2003

Public financing of pharmaceuticals: an economic approach [e-Book, 2005]

The Real drug abusers / RM 263 L42 2003

Truth about the drug companies: how they deceive us & what to do about it / HD 9666.5 A74 2005

2005-2010 world outlook for pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing [e-Book 2005]

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Try searching these SUBJECTS:

Pharmaceutical industry, Psychotropic drugs industry, Vaccines industry, Veterinary drug industry, Osteoporosis drug industry, Nonprescription drug industry, Dietary supplements industry, Dermatologic agents industry, Botanical drug industry, Weisht loss preparations industry...

     OR SUBJECT: United States Food and Drug Administration...

     OR Keywords: European Medicines Agency ; EMEA  ;  FDA  ;  etc.

OR SUBJECTS: Drugs - Mechanism of action;  Drugs - Physiological effect;  Drugs - Effectiveness;  Chemotherapy;  Placebos (Medicine);  Drugs - Generic substitution;  Generic drugs;  Drug development;  Drugs - Testing;  Clinical trials;   Drugs - Prices;  Prescription pricing;  Drugs - Marketing;  Drug reimportation;  Pharmaceutical services insurance;  Advertising drugs; Medication errors;  Veterinary drugs

OR KEYWORDS: Pharmaceutical assistance ;  nutraceuticals, Clawbacks

     OR SUBJECTS: Diseases-Animal models;  Toxicity testing-In virto;  Animal experimentation;  Alternative toxicity testing;  Drugs-Toxicity testing;  Drugs-Testing; 

     OR KEYWORDS:  Robotic* screening;  Pre-clinical trial*;  Preclinical trial*;  Preclinical test*;  Animal studies;  Animal toxicity test*;  Animal testing;  Toxicity test* and [mice, dog, monkey, pig, etc.]

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