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INQ 260: How People Learn: Home

How People Learn (INQ 260)


Peer Review and Primary Literature

When we examine the existing literature on a topic of interest, it's important to focus our attention on sources that are well established  in the academic community. Click on the picture below to find out what it means for a source to be "peer reviewed" and how to sort out primary sources from secondary sources. Be sure to click on the various tabs at the top of the page you land on to explore. (Courtesy of Mildred F. Sawyer Library of  Suffolk University.)

Annotated Bibliographies


What is an annotated bibliography and how does it relate to the way you look at the literature on your topic of interest? Click on the picture below to find out more. (Courtesy of Cornell University Library.)

Brain-and-Exercise in Moving Pixels

Citing Your Sources

professor and student meeting on the terrace

Endnote. What is it and why should I use it?


What is EndNote?

EndNote is a reference management software that requires a subscription to use. Lucky for you, Roanoke College has a subscription. Create an EndNote account and keep track of your research, manage your bibliographies, and best of all, plug in citations as you write your paper. No more stressing over how to properly cite your sources. It's all done for you!