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HIST 370 Guys and Dolls Henold: Welcome!

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

A primary source is a document or physical object written/created during the moment in time you are interested in researching. A primary source provides information directly from the source (a book written by Adolf Hitler). A secondary source provides information indirectly (a historian's recounting of research done on Hitler).

Indiana University at Bloomington gives an excellent example of primary sources vs. secondary sources right here.

Best Databases for Primary Sources


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Auburn women's baseball team

Auburn women's baseball team, 1914

Auburn, Alabama

This image is copyright free. Thank you, Library of Congress.

More Web Sites for Primary Sources

Subject Guide

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Reference sources (online)

Reference sources (in print)


American National Biography REF CT213.A68 1999



American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature REF D20.A43 1995

Harvard Guide to American History REF z1236.H27



Dictionary of American history REF E174 .D52 2003 



Dictionary of American History REF E174.D52 2003

The United States in the Nineteenth Century REF E169.1.E626 2001