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Lots of information has been shared in the Digital Humanities meetings this semester. Use this guide to find links to the resources discussed.

RC Digital Humanities Resources Page

(Constance Hall) St. Geo. And Dragon, Bryn Mawr

Public Domain and compliments of Library of Congress


(Constance Hall) St. Geo. And Dragon, Bryn Mawr:

Data Visualization

Stanford's Palladio

This video in the Stanford Humanities + Digital Tools series features "Palladio," a web-based platform that allows humanities scholars to easily upload data and explore it through a variety of visualizations.

Google Search

Check Copyright Restrictions

1937 Library of Congress Public Domain Image

Tools You Can Use

Mapping Tools

Creating a searchable digital collection

More Tools to Use

Fintel Databases That Stream Music

DH Presentations

Specific Digital Collections

Fintel Databases That Stream Videos

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