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SOCI 352: Data Analysis Resources

For students taking SOCI 352, this guide should serve as your first point of inquiry for class assignments that require research. If you have any questions about the resources here, please call the reference desk at Fintel Library (540.375.2294) for help.

Your SOCI 352 Class Research Project

Electronic Journals Concerned With Quantitative Methods

Note that all of these journals listed below allow you to search within them for topics of  your specific interest. Alternatively, if you are still deciding on a topic, you can peruse past issues/articles.

Additional Sociology-strong Databases Worth Your While

E-books Worth Knowing About

Secondary Data and Data Sets

Endnote. What is it and why should I use it?



What is EndNote?

EndNote is a reference management software that requires a subscription to use. Lucky for you, Roanoke College has a subscription. Create an EndNote account and keep track of your research, manage your bibliographies, and best of all, plug in citations as you write your paper. No more stressing over how to properly cite your sources. It's all done for you!

Please be in touch if you have any questions!