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Academic Coaching: Module Training


Academic Peer Mentor Skills

While training cannot prepare you for every obstacle you may face as an Academic Peer Mentor, it can offer a basic skill set to guide you through your meetings. In most cases, you will be addressing issues related to academics, but as your relationship grows with your students, they may come to you with personal issues that are having an impact on their success as a student. The most important thing to remember in any situation is that you’re not a counselor. Sometimes the best way you can help others is by referring them to someone else with more experience. 

The following section contains helping skills to help you facilitate meaningful conversations with your students.  By the end of the Module Training, you should feel comfortable with the following skills:

  • Building Trust and Rapport
  • Communication Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Encouraging and Validating
  • Challenging and Confrontation Skills
  • Using Appropriate Self-Disclosure
  • Making Referrals
  • Assisting Students with Learning Differences

Module 2: Communication Skills

Read First:

Take Communication Assessments ( assessments may be difficult to score without printing):

Read more about your interpersonal style type (no need to complete the questions just read about your style): 

Complete the activity: 

Module 4: Encouraging and Validation

Module 6: Using Appropriate Self-Disclosure

Module 7: Making Referrals