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Academic Coaching: Program Details

Study Hall

In-Person Study Hall

  • Located on the ground floor of Fintel Library (follow the signs)
  • Hours of operation: 
    • Sunday 1 PM - 11 PM
    • Monday - Thursday 11 AM - 11 PM
    • Friday 11 AM - 5 PM
    • Saturday - Closed

RC Success Dashboard

Use your RC Success dashboard at rcsuccess.roanoke.edu to do the following:

  • Track time spent in study hall, Subject Tutoring & The Writing Center
  • View documents posted by your Academic Peer Mentor
  • View Academic Peer Mentor contact information

Virtual Study Hall

  • Location: https://roanoke-edu.zoom.us/my/rcsuccess.studyhall
  • Only for students who are off-campus or who are in isolation/quarantine
  • Hours of Operation: 
    • Sunday - 1 PM - 11 PM
    • Monday - Thursday 11 AM - 11 PM
    • Friday 11 AM - 5 PM
  • To have virtual hours count towards your study hall requirement:
    1. Once you are let into the virtual study hall, send a message to the monitor with your name, and study hall goals.  You will not be checked in to study hall until you send a message.  You also must send a message when you leave to be checked-out. 
    2. You must be in an appropriate study environment with your camera on (reduced distraction).
    3. You must install the Cold Turkey App. 
      1. Block all websites with *.*
      2. Show you exception websites.
      3. Show block timer
    4. You must use the Forest or Flora App to block distractions on your phone.
    5. The monitor will ask you to show your screen and your phone from time to time.  If you violate the computer and phone policy, your hours will not count for the day.

Apps Required for Virtual Study Hall

Study Hall Rules

  1. Students should always check-in and out with the study hall monitor every time they enter or leave the room.  You can do this by telling the monitor your first and last name (don't expect them to always remember) or hand them your student ID. 
  2. You must have a plan for how you will spend your time in study hall and you will be asked your study hall goals at check-in.  For example, "I'm going to work on my Spanish homework and then study for Psychology." 
  3. Sleeping is prohibited--students caught sleeping will be asked to leave the study hall immediately.  
  4. Phones must be turned off and collected by the study hall monitor; students who do not abide will be asked to leave the study hall. 
  5. Students may use headphones for music and can stream from their computer; however, students cannot listen to music on their phones. 
  6. Students are prohibited from using their computers inappropriately including texting, chat features, social media, streaming programs, or non-school related browsing. Students who use their computers inappropriately will be required to use the Cold Turkey app while in study hall. 
  7. Students who are required to watch movies or use YouTube for a class must notify the monitor and show them the assignment; otherwise, the assignment will have to be completed later. 
  8. Tobacco products, vaping and juuling are prohibited. 
  9. Students who are suspected of being under the influence of any substance will be asked to leave immediately.
  10. Snacks and beverages are allowed in the study hall; however, meals should be eaten before entering the facility. 
  11. Group-study and students from outside the program are not allowed in the study hall. 
  12. Students in the study hall are not allowed to collaborate with fellow study hall participants. 
  13. The study hall monitor has the right to ask you to leave the study hall at any time. 

Pandemic Rules:

  1. If you feel sick or you have been isolated, please communicate with your Academic Peer Mentor and the Director of the Program.  Students can use the virtual study hall with permission. 
  2. You must wear your mask at all times while in study hall and your mask should cover your nose and mouth. 
  3. No Zooming for class in study hall.  The study hall is quiet and attending class is not studying!

Virtual Study Hall Rules

  1. You must use the Cold Turkey app on your computer and show that you are starting your cold turkey timer before checking-in.
  2. You must show the monitor that your phone is using the Flora or Forest app. 
  3. Your camera must be on and facing you. 
  4. You must be in a study appropriate location at a desk away from others. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Study Hall

  1. Why do I have to complete half my hours by Tuesday at 11 pm?  Study hall is a lesson in time management and prioritizing studying (not just completing homework) into your daily life.  By Tuesday, you will have had Sunday, Monday and all of Tuesday to complete 3 hours.  
  2. Why can't I do more than 3 hours in study hall each day?  Again, study hall is a lesson in time management and best study practices.  Research shows that short study sessions with breaks are more effective.  Students who spend more than 6 hours in study hall each week are exempt from the rule. 
  3. Why do I have to have study hall goals?  We want students to use their time in study hall wisely; therefore, you need to have a list of goals or tasks to complete while you are in study hall.  Students who appear aimless will be asked to leave. 
  4. How do I check my study hall hours?  Go to www.roanoke.edu/rcsuccess to check your hours. The monitor cannot see your study hall hours.  The only other person who can see your hours is your Academic Peer Mentor. 
  5. What if I get sick and can't complete my study hall hours?  Students who are sick or quarantined can use the virtual study hall from their room with approval from the Director of the RC Success Program. Students who need to be excused from a day of study hall are prorated by 1 hour each day. 
  6. What if I miss my study hall hours or my meeting with my Academic Peer Mentor?  Students who are found non-compliant can be removed from the program, lose their right to opt-out of the program at midterm, or asked to leave the college if you are participating as an exception to suspension. 
  7. What if I live off-campus?  Students who live off-campus will be allowed to use the virtual study hall.  Students who use a virtual study hall must install the Cold Turkey app on their computer and the Flora/Forest app on their phone.  Students using the virtual study hall must have their camera on and be in an appropriate place to study.  The study hall monitor can refuse to allow you into the study hall if you do not meet the criteria. 
  8. Can I attend my Zoom classes while I am in study hall?  No.  The study hall is quiet; therefore, you cannot participate.  Additionally, study hall is for studying and completing homework, not attending class!

RC Success Contract Requirements 

  1. Complete a minimum of 6 hours of study hall each week
    • Hours are completed Sunday - Friday, so all 6 hours must be completed by Friday at 5 pm. 
    • The study hall is closed on Saturday.
    • The week starts on Sunday.
    • You must complete half of your hours by Tuesday at 11 PM
    • You may not spend more than three hours in study hall each day if you are only reaching the minimum. 
  2. You must meet with your Academic Peer Mentor once per week to work on study skills at an agreed-upon time.
  3. Class attendance and completion of assignments are monitored.
  4. Students who are compliant with the RC Success requirements and have earned a midterm GPA of 2.5 or higher can opt-out of the program or renegotiate their RC Success contract. Students who are required to attend the program as an exception to suspension can not opt-out of the program at midterm. 

Students who participate in RC Success as an Exception to Suspension must remain in good standing with the program and agreed to the following terms at the beginning of the semester:

  1.  Fully participate in the RC Success Program
    • Complete a minimum of 6 hours per week in study hall.
    • Attend weekly Academic Peer Mentor meetings. 
    • Meet with the Director of the RC Success Program as needed.
    • Attend Subject Tutoring & The Writing Center when requested.
    • Complete all weekly requirements of the RC Success Program through the spring term.
  2. Return to Good Academic Standing
    • You must earn the required cumulative grade point average by the end of the spring term to return to good standing (FR 1.7, SO 1.85, JR & SR 2.0).
    • To ensure that you reach the required GPA, your schedule must be reviewed, revised as appropriate, and approved by the RC Success Program Director, Ms. Shannon McNeal.
    • You must earn a 2.0 or higher mid-term grade point average.
    • Class attendance and campus conduct will be monitored.
  3. Attend the RC Success Orientation – TBD
  4. Comply with all requirements listed above. If you are non-compliant at any point in time during the spring semester, you will be required to withdraw from the College.


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