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Academic Coaching: Home

Academic coaching

Academic Coaching with Shannon McNeal

Work with a professional Academic Coach to help you reach your academic goals.  Shannon is available to work with students by appointment. Academic Coaching is a one-on-one process where the student is the expert, and the Academic Coach is a supportive guide, helping the student address academic concerns and identify hurdles to success. Students who work with an Academic Coach tend to stay more motivated to accomplish goals, work smarter with effective study strategies, decrease stress, and learn to work through barriers.

Topics to Explore:

  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Preparing for Tests
  • Navigating Online Classes
  • Active Studying Techniques
  • Note-Taking & Reading Strategies
  • Improving Memory & Concentration

Schedule an Appointment:
To schedule an appointment, students can email Shannon directly at mcneal@roanoke.edu or schedule an appointment on her YouCanBook.Me at https://shannon-mcneal.youcanbook.me.   


Contact Shannon McNeal, M.S., Asst.
Director of Academic Services for Retention & Academic Coaching

Email: mcneal@roanoke.edu
Availability: https://shannon-mcneal.youcanbook.me
Call: 540-588-4064
Office:  The Center for Learning & Teaching, Fintel Library, first floor 
Hours: 8 AM - 4:30 PM (EST), Mon - Fri