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The Writing Center @ Roanoke College: Application Materials

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College

General Information

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College   

Join the “Write” Team!

Want to become a Writing Center Tutor?

Here’s how to apply to join the 2020-2021 Writing Center staff

What will you do? 

Writing Center Tutors conduct one-on-one tutorials in writing with their peers.  They also conduct tutorials in Oral Communication. We tutor students working in any discipline, at any stage of the writing process, and at any level of competence. Tutors also make class visits to publicize the Writing Center, manage our social media, and participate in Writing Center workshops. They have opportunities to serve on the leadership team, travel to and present at conferences (in places such as Utah, Delaware, Kentucky, and North Carolina), and opportunities to write and publish articles about their tutoring experience.

Who should apply? 

Tutors should have strong (though they need not be perfect) writing skills, and they should be comfortable interacting with students and faculty members across disciplines. Good oral communication skills, time management, and professional attitude are important; interest in writing and a desire to have fun are also desirable!  Any major is okay; we encourage applications from a wide range of majors.

When will I work? 

Hours are negotiable, with a minimum commitment of 5 tutorial hours per week.  The maximum number of hours is determined by funding and the size of staff.  We set the schedule at the beginning of the semester, basing it around tutors’ course schedules and other campus commitments.  Tutors also complete an average of 1-2 hours per week writing for our blog, staffing Writing Center events, managing social media, etc.  New tutors enroll in WRIT 306: Tutoring Writing Across the Curriculum, which meets in Fall Semester.

What are the rewards? 

In addition to being paid for tutoring, tutors gain valuable professional experience in interacting with students and faculty, improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their own writing skills, and add an impressive line to their resumes. Effective tutors receive a merit-based raise each year they return to work in the Writing Center. They have the opportunity to hold editorial and leadership positions on staff, and attend and/or present at conferences in places like Nashville, Las Vegas, and Savannah.  Those interested in publication will receive support in submitting their work to writing center journals and blogs.

What do I need to do?  

Submit an application in Spring Semester 2019!  Applicants will need to fill out an application detailing their qualifications and interest, submit a 3-5 page writing sample (something written for a class) and supply two faculty references. Applicants for all campus positions are now required to have a resume posted on MaroonNet. For more information, contact Sandee McGlaun at, or stop by The Center for Learning and Teaching in Fintel Library and speak with her.


Prospective tutors are strongly encouraged to visit the Writing Center as writers!  That’s the best way to see who we are and what we do.