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The Writing Center @ Roanoke College: General Information

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College


About Us

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College is a place where writers working in any academic discipline, at any level of competence, and at any stage of the process meet with trained peer consultants in informal, one-on-one tutoring sessions focused on writing and/or oral presentations.  You can make an appointment ahead of time or drop-in to see if a Consultant is available. 

Our Mission:

At the Writing Center, our mission is to help students develop the tools for successful communication. This mission is guided and supported by our core beliefs, which we strive to uphold in all that we do at the Writing Center. We subscribe to the following core beliefs:

  1. Writing is universal and learning to write is an individual, lifelong process.
  2. Critical thinking and collaboration are essential parts of learning to write.
  3. The work -the paper, oral presentation, project- belongs to the writer. We believe that you are in control of your own work.
  4. Through writing and talking about writing, we can communicate existing ideas and develop/discover new ones.
  5. We are here to help you become a more effective writer, so that you can produce more effective writing

Our Values:

Respect - We welcome and appreciate a variety of personalities, approaches, and ideas in our staff, colleagues and clients. We listen actively and honor confidentiality. Our interactions with each other and the peers we tutor are guided by kindness, consideration, patience and integrity. 

Collaboration - We look for opportunities to help and take initiative to act upon them. We are resources for one another and our clients, offering help and asking for it when needed. We share in the responsibilities of our work and commit to working together, as a team, toward our common goals. 

Growth - We are committed to the personal and professional development of ourselves as individuals and as a team. We seek opportunities on- and off- campus to mentor and be mentored, as we work to expand the horizons of the clients who visit us. 

Community  - We take pride in creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that fosters respectful working relationships. We support one another in building a helpful, collaborative writing center community that encourages good conversation, collegiality, and learning. 

Positivity - We maintain and express a positive attitude toward our staff, colleagues, the clients who visit us, and the acts of writing and speaking. We address potential issues proactively and constructively. We represent our college and the campus professionally. 

Creativity - We welcome new ideas and innovative approaches. We encourage thinking "outside the box" to create a dynamic, positive, evolving work environment, as well as to engage the clients who visit us.