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Subject Tutoring: ITTPC Level II Training

Level II Modules

Level I Topic Review

Hours: 2

Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

Level II Live Trainings

Hours: 5

  1. Overview & Identifying Resources 
  2. Probing Questions 
    1. Part I:  Bloom's Taxonomy
    2. Part II: Socratic Method
  3. Tutoring Students with Learning Disabilities 
  4. Study Skills 

Reading Assignment for Study Skills

Hours: 1-1.5 hours

Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success by Myron H. Dembo & Helena Seli
​Multiple copies located in Subject Tutoring
Chapter 2: Understanding Learning & Memory, Pages 29 - 47
Answer questions 1, 2, 3. Record answer for submission here

Capstone Project

Hours: 3-5

In order to complete Level II training and become an Advanced Certified Tutor, tutors must complete a capstone project to demonstrate their skill level as a Certified Tutor and incorporate methods acquired at Level II that encourage a deeper level of learning.

The capstone project requires the tutor to record a live tutorial (with tutee permission--see form below), review the recording and create a transcript of the tutorial. The tutor will then analyze both the dialogue and the visual recording for skills acquired at both Level I and II using the Tutor Observation Rubric. Lastly, the tutor will self-reflect on strengths and weakness in creating a plan to continue improving as a tutor. To complete the capstone project, tutors must submit the following:

Level II Handbook