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Subject Tutoring: Professors


Utilizing Subject Tutoring as a Professor

Collaboration between Roanoke College faculty and Subject Tutoring is essential for maintaining a quality tutoring program. We encourage you to do any or all of the following:

  1. Request a meeting with Elizabeth Myers (, Coordinator of Subject Tutoring, to find out how a collaborative relationship with Subject Tutoring could benefit your students. 
  2. Click Here to create an account with our on-line scheduler to know when help is available for your subjects.
  3. Donate current textbooks from your course to help our tutors stay informed.
  4. Provide handouts or useful resources for the tutors. 
  5. Email a copy of your syllabus to
  6. Request a meeting with the tutors for your subject.
  7. Add applicable tutors to your Inquire page.
  8. Nominate exceptional students from your classes to become tutors.
  9. Invite a tutor to make a [brief] introductory visit to your class.
  10. Hand out our information cards in your classes.

Special events for tutors and faculty of specific subject areas are coordinated at the beginning of each Fall semester. If you've been invited to a "Meeting of the Minds," we hope you will make it a priority to attend!

Required Class Visits and Giving Extra Credit

Giving extra credit or requiring tutoring as part of a course can be very helpful to a class; however, accommodating an entire class can be challenging to the tutoring centerWe ask faculty to please notify Subject Tutoring when requiring your class to attend or when offering extra credit. Professors should require students to return the Visit Approval Form in order to count the visit. The Visit Approval Form will provide you with a brief description of what was covered and the length of the session. In addition, the tutor will sign off on the form to let you know that your student(s) were prepared with questions and actively participated in the tutorial.

When Considering a Class Visit or Extra Credit:

  • Notify the Coordinator of Subject Tutoring any time you give extra credit or require a class to visit to Subject Tutoring or submit an online request by using the Extra Credit/Required Visit Request Form. 
  • Consider arranging a tutoring session(s) with the Coordinator specifically to accommodate your entire class. 
  • Remind students not to wait until the last minute to make required appointments.
  • Consider only requiring students with a B- or below to attend for extra credit.
  • Require students to return the Visit Approval Form to receive credit.
  • Require students to come to the tutorial with at least 1-3 questions. 
  • Require a minimum length of time for a tutorial to be counted towards an assignment.

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