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Guide to Citations

Help with citation information


Book: General
Author(Last Name), Author(First Name). Title. Edition. Publication Location: Publisher, Year. Print.
Book: Single author
Gleick, James. Chaos: Making a New Science. New York: Penguin, 1987. Print.
Book: Two or more works by same author

Palmer, William J. Dickens and New Historicism. New York: St. Martin's, 1997. Print.

---. The Films of the Eighties: A Social History. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1993. Print.

Book: Two or three authors
Hock, Randolph, and Gary Price. The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher. Medford: CyberAge Books, 2004. Print.
Book: Four or more authors
Wysocki, Anne Frances, et al. Writing New Media: Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition. Logan, UT: Utah State UP, 2004. Print.
Book: No author
Encyclopedia of Indiana. New York: Somerset, 1993. Print.
Anthology, Reference or Collection
Lastname, First name. "Title of Essay." Title of Collection. Ed. Editor's Name(s). Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. Page range of entry. Medium of Publication
Book: Corporate author or organization
American Allergy Association. Allergies in Children. New York: Random, 1998. Print.

Articles in Print

Journal: General
Author (Last Name), Author (First Name). "Article Title." Journal Title Vol. Num (Year): pages. Print
Journal with volume numbers
Bagchi, Alaknanda. "Conflicting Nationalisms: The Voice of the Subaltern in Mahasweta Devi's Bashai Tudu." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 15.1 (1996): 41-50. Print.
Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Periodical Day Month Year: pages. Medium of publication.
Brubaker, Bill. "New Health Center Targets County's Uninsured Patients." Washington Post 24 May 2007: LZ01. Print.
Anonymous articles
"Business: Global Warming's Boom Town; Tourism in Greenland." The Economist 26 May 2007: 82. Print.

Online articles

MLA no longer requires a URL in electronic resource citations.

For scholarly journal articles that only exist in electronic format on the Web, cite the work like you would a print article AND conclude the article with the following items:

1. Medium of publication (Web)

2. Date of access (day, month, and year)

No page numbers? Use "n. pag." in place of page numbers.

 Example:   Dolby, Nadine. “Research in Youth Culture and Policy: Current Conditions and Future Directions.” Social Work and Society: The International Online-Only Journal 6.2 (2008): n. pag. Web. 20 May 2009.

For articles retrieved full text from an online database, include the name of the database in front of "Web".

Example: Chan, Evans. "Postmodernism and Hong Kong Cinema." Postmodern Culture 10.3 (2000): n. pag. Project Muse. Web. 20 May 2007.

Course or Department Websites:

Example: Felluga, Dino. Survey of the Literature of England. Purdue U, Aug. 2006. Web. 31 May 2007.

For a page on a website, be sure to use n.p.if no publisher name is given, and n.d. if no date is given.

Example: "How to Make Vegetarian Chili." eHow, n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2009.