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Academic Coaching: RC Success


If you are participating in Spring RC Success, you must complete the RC Success Contract by Friday, January 6. Please Note: RC Success is only for students on Academic Warning or students who received an Exception to Suspension as a new student. Students on Academic Warning are highly encouraged to participate in the RC Success Program. If you decide not to participate in the RC Success Program, you must complete the RC Success Waiver Notification Form instead of the contract. If you received an Exception to Suspension, you must complete the RC Success Contract or accept your term of suspension. All RC Success Participants must attend the RC Success Orientation on Thursday, January 19, from 12-1 pm in Colket, Ballroom.  Please contact Shannon McNeal a mcneal@roanoke.edu if you have any questions. 


The RC Success Program is a structured academic assistance program Directed by Shannon McNeal, M.S., Assistant Director of Academic Services for Retention & Academic Coaching, designed to address study habits and personal issues that can hinder one's academic progress. Its purpose is to assist students on academic warning in their efforts to return to good academic standing by the end of the current semester through:

  • Accountability 
  • Strategic advising
  • Progress monitoring
  • Study skills
  • Mandatory study hall (minimum of 6 hrs per week)
  • Academic Peer Mentoring 

Since 2007, RC Success has helped students on academic warning change the course of their academic future. Students who participate in the program will learn the following:

  • Manage distractions and build concentration
  • Time management and organization
  • Academic responsibility and classroom civility
  • Academic priorities and a daily study routine
  • Active study techniques to retain information and maximize studying efforts

RC Success @ Roanoke College

Feedback from Former RC Success Participants:

"Amazing program!"

"This definitely helped me.  I was able to get away from distractions and it gave me a good place to do homework."

"The academic mentoring I received was outstanding and very helpful.  I have never heard of another school that cares for their students as much as Roanoke College does and it is fantastic."

"I love the way my Academic Peer Mentor worked with me to help me in my classes.  She definitely cared about my studies and it showed!"

"I did not know how distracting phones were until they were taken away.  It was helpful to be in a quiet environment with little to no distraction to get my work done."