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INQ 110 Finding Kennedy: Welcome!

Why should I use EndNote?

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a reference management software that requires a subscription to use. Lucky for you, Roanoke College has a subscription. Create an EndNote account and keep track of your research, manage your bibliographies, and plug in citations as you write your paper. 

How do I use EndNote with the Library's Databases?

Steps for using EndNote with EBSCO Discovery Service (the search box on the Library home page):

1.     Create your own account at  Make sure you use your RC email address. 

*Look for confirmation email in your clutter folder

2.      Log-in to your EndNote account

3.      In another tab in the same browser, perform your search in the database of your choice (EBSCO)

4.      Add the desired citations to your folder

5.      Once you have your citations, go to the folder

6.      Select all

7.      Export, use the Direct Export to EndNote Web setting.

8.      Screen returns to EndNote

9.      On format tab in EndNote

a.      References = all

b.      Bibliographic Style = (there are a lot of choices)

c.       File = RTF is the most or .txt will be the easiest to incorporate into a Word document

d.      Save = downloads a file to your hard drive

e.      E-mail = sends file to mailbox

f.        Preview and Print = gives a pop-up


Welcome to the INQ 110 Finding Kennedy LibGuide!

Please navigate this LibGuide by using the tabs at the top of the page.

President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and their children John, Jr. and Caroline, at their summer house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. August 4, 1962

This image is copyright free. Thank you, WikiMedia Commons!

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

A primary source is a document or physical object written/created during the moment in time you are interested in researching. A primary source provides information directly from the source (a book written by Adolf Hitler). A secondary source provides information indirectly (a historian's recounting of research done on Hitler).

Indiana University at Bloomington gives an excellent example of primary sources vs. secondary sources right here.

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