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INQ 300 Cross-Cultural Inquiry (Stallions): Books

Preparation for global citizenship


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American multicultural studies: diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality / Pinder (2013)

American born Chinese / Yang (2008)  -- Graphic novel about the philosophical concept of Identity & culture

American voices: multicultural literacy and critical thinking / LaGuardia  (1993)

Be the change: teacher, activist, global citizen / Verma (2010)

Beyond human nature: how culture and experience shape the human mind / Prinz (2012)

Cases on globalized and culturally appropriate e-learning: challenges & solutions / Edmundson (2011)

Children as decision-makers: sharing experiences across cultures [eBook] / Cox (2010)

Children's thinking about cultural universals [eBook] / Brophe (2006)

Citizen You: doing your part to change the world / Tisch (2010)

Crossing customs / Garrod (1999)

Cultural foundations of learning: east and west / Li  (2012)

Cultural intelligence difference: master the one skill you can't do without in today's global economy / Livermore (2011)

Cultural politics & education / Apple (1996)

Cultural practices as contexts for development / Goodnow (1995)

Cultural reciprocity in special education: building family-professional relationships / Kalyanpur (2012)

Culture reexamined: broadening our understanding of social & evolutionary influences / Cohen (2014)

Culture wars: an encyclopedia of issues, viewpoints, and voices / Chapman (2010)

Defiant publics: the unprecedented reach of the global citizen / Drache

Diversity in information technology education [eBook] (2006)

Educating citizens for global awareness / Noddings

Foundations of intercultural communication (2005)

Global civics: responsibilities & rights in an interdependent world / Altinay

Handbook of research on culturally aware information technology: perspectives & models / Blanchard

How Eskimos keep their babies warm, and other adventures in parenting (from Argentina to Tanzania and everywhere in between) / Mei-Ling Hopgood

Intercultural communication / Jandt (1995)

Intercultural sourcebook: vol.2 cross-cultural training methods [eBook] / Fowler

Internet of elsewhere: the emergent effects of a wired world / Farivar.  "Through the lens of culture, this book looks at the role of the internet as a catalyst in transforming communications, politics, and economics."

Leadership for global citizenship: building transnational community / Crosby

Managing cultural differences: global leadership strategies for cross-cultural business success, 8th ed. [eBook] / Moran

Organizational psychology in cross-cultural perspective [eBook] / Silverthorne (2005)

Perspective on the intersection of multi-culturalism & positive psychology [eBook] / Pedrotti

Portraits of promise: voices of successful immigrant students / Sadowski

Sage dictionary of cultural studies [eBook] / Barker

Silent language / Hall

Teaching in America: a cross-cultural guide for international teachers and their employeers [eBook] / Hutchison

Third place learning: reflective inquiry into intercultural & global cage painting [eBook] / Rimmington (2008)

Who's asking? native science, western science & science education /  Medin & Bang (2014) -- [The answers to scientific questions depend on who's asking, because the questions asked and the answers sought reflect the cultural values and orientations of the questions.]

Statistical Abstract of the United States; USA counties; Congressional District Databook; Historical statistics of the US

Statistical Abstract of the World

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