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What is this new search engine?

FAQ regarding Discover Fintel, our new search engine

Search Tips for Discover Fintel

These search tips can help you to find more relevant results in Primo Search and many other library databases

Use AND to retrieve results that contain both of your search terms.

honey bee AND communication

Use OR to retrieve results that contain any or all of your search terms.

politics OR government

Using NOT to exclude irrelevant results.

canine NOT dental

Combine terms with parentheses to create more complex searches.

(tertiary OR university) AND education

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase

"global warming"

Search for terms with different word endings using an asterisk.

manag* = manage, managed, managing, management

A question mark can be used to replace a single letter within a word.

analy?e = analyse, analyze

Use the facets on the left of the search results screen to refine and narrow your results