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Honors 251 : Chemistry of Art (Hughes): Subjects & Keywords

Subject Headings

Antiquities - Collection and preservation

Archaeological chemistry

Art - Conservation and restoration

Art Objects - Conservation and restoration

Artists' materials - Microscopy

Ceramics - Analysis

Ceramics - Protection

Chemistry, Analytic - Methodology

Dyes and dyeing - Chemistry


Firing (Ceramics)

Glazes - Formulae

Marble sculpture - Conservation and restoration

Marble sculpture, Greek - Expertising

Mosaics - Conservation and restoration

Mural painting and decoration

Photographs - Coloring

Photographs - Conservation and restoration

Paint - Analysis

Pigments - Analysis

Sculpture, French - Conservation and restoration

Sculpture, Gothic - Conservation and restoration

--- REMEMBER when BROWSING by SUBJECT,  always consult the SEE ALSO suggestions in the LC Subject Headings volumes [ask for them at the Reference Desk].   e.g. Subject = Sculpture / leads you to: Alabaster sculpture, Bas-relief, Brasses, Bronze sculpture, Buddhist sculpture, Busts, etc


Artworks, Artifacts, Artefact [British], Art objects  [avoid  searching by ART* [too many false hits]

Color, Colour (British spelling), coloring, colorant, dye, dyeing, pigment* ...

Cobalt blue, Egyptian blue, Prussian blue, [note: blue also means "sad"]

Deteriorat* or Degrad* or Flaking or Chipping or Crazing [term with glazes or lacquers] or Stain*

Conserv* or Preserv* or Cleaning or Cleansing

Restor* or Repair*

Materials and techniques (phrase)  OR Materials and technology (phrase)

Ceramic* or Pottery or Raku or Faience or Glaz* or Vases or (paint* and vase*)  or Clay fabric

Sculpt* or Metal-work or Copperwork or Metalsmith* or Silversmithing or Silver-plating or Weld* or Electroplating or Stone-cutters or Plastic* moulding or Chromium (aka Chrome) or Aluminum or Stainless steel 

Painting* or Over-painted or Oil-painting or Pastel* or Watercolor* or Watercoulor (British spelling) or Painted coffin lids

Jewel*or Amulet* or Gems

Textiles, Fibers, Fibres, Fabrics, Weavings, Clavi, Orbiculi, Tabulae, Garments, Veils, Handkerchiefs, Tapestry

Fresco*, Affresco [Italian], Fresco-secco, a-Secco, Buon fresco, "Mezzo fresco technique", Wall painting*, Painted ceiling*, Secco painting, Lime painting