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INQ 260 Paranormal America: Welcome

Why should I use EndNote?

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a reference management software that requires a subscription to use. Lucky for you, Roanoke College has a subscription. Create an EndNote account and keep track of your research, manage your bibliographies, and plug in citations as you write your paper. 

Welcome to the INQ 260 Paranormal America Guide!

Welcome to the INQ 260 Paranormal America LibGuide! Navigate this page by clicking the tabs at the top.


This image is an artist's rendering of the UFO abduction of Travis Walton. It is in the public domain. More about Walton's abduction can be found here. 

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

A primary source is a document or physical object written/created during the moment in time you are interested in researching. A primary source provides information directly from the source (a book written by Adolf Hitler). A secondary source provides information indirectly (a historian's recounting of research done on Hitler).

Indiana University at Bloomington gives an excellent example of primary sources vs. secondary sources right here.

Subject Guide

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