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INQ 300 Issues in Education (Whitt): Questions: Pre-Search thinking

Dr Whitt's Questions (Fall 2017) - plan your subtopics and vocabulary terms (some examples are listed below)

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a. LCSH:  Teacher participation in administration-United States;  Teacher participation in curriculum planning;  Educational leadership;  MSCI-Teacher/educator leadership;  KEYWORDS: developing teacher leader*

b. LCSH:  Single sex classes (Education);  Single sex schools;  Girls schools;  Boys-Education-United States;  Coeducation;  Sex differences in education;  Gender identity in education;  KEYWORDS: Boys schools;  Separate schools;  Teaching boys;  Single sex classrooms;  Mixed gender

c. LCSH:  Home schooling;  Education-Parent participation;  School choice;  Private schools;  Catholic schools;  Church schools;  Education and state;  Education-Aims and objectives;  Education, Compulsory;  Right to education;  KEYWORDS: Parental authority

d. LCSH:  Class size;  Classroom environment;  Classroom management;  School size;  Double shifts (Public schools);  School choice;  School improvement programs

e. LCSH:  Grading and marking (Students);  Nongraded schools;  Montessori method of education;  Competency-based education;  Competency-based educational tests;  Ability testing;  Achievement tests

f.  LCSH:  School year;  Year-round schools;  School day;  Schedules, school;  KEYWORDS:  four day school week;  YRE

g.  LCSH: Open learning;  Independent study;  Student-centered learning;  Montessori method of education;  Open plan schools;  Alternative schools;  Free schools;  MOOCs;  KEYWORDS: Khan Academy;  Kozol;  Virtual schools;  Ted Talks;  You Tube;  Student-led classroom

h. LCSH:  Readiness for school;  Education, Preschool;  Head start programs; Head Start Program (U.S.);  Poor children-Education (Preschool);  National school lunch program;  MSCI-Engaging students with poverty in mind;  MSCI-Cultural and economic diversity;  MSCI-Social justice

i.  LCSH:  Track system (Education);  Ability grouping in education;  High school students-Vocational guidance;  Vocational education; School to work transition;  Education, Cooperative;  College preparation programs;  First-generation college students;  Career education

j.  LCSH:  School discipline;  Classroom management;  Bullying in schools;  School violence-Prevention;  Problem children-Education;  Problem children-Discipline;  Inclusive education;  Behavior disorders in children;  Behavior disorders in adolescence;  Hyperactive children-Education;  Autistic children-Education;   KEYWORDS:  Troublemakers;  OEs and giftedness;  

k.  LCSH:  Teachers-Training of;  Teachers-In-service training;  Teachers-Certification;  Teacher effectiveness;  Teachers-Rating of;  Master teachers;  National teacher examinations;  Teachers-Recruiting;  Teachers colleges;  Education-Study and teaching;   Educational accountability;  Teaching-United States-Examinations;    KEYWORDS:  Praxis;  TQE [teacher quality enhancement]

l. LCSH:  Education-Parent participation;  Parent teacher relationships;  Home and school;  Homework;  School management and organization-Parent participation;  Education, Elementary-Parent participation;  Education, Primary-Parent participation;  Education, Secondary-Parent participation;  Middle school education-Parent participation;  Reading-Parent participation;  Health education-Parent participation;  Mathematics-Study and teaching-Parent participation;  Music-Instruction and study-Parent participation