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Searching the Fintel Library Search Box for Articles

The Discover Fintel search box on the main page is a powerful search tool that combines our catalog (books, DVDs, magazines in the library) with our databases (online periodicals, journals, and multimedia content). You may get a large amount of results, so consider the keywords you are using and use the advanced search feature to limit your search results by type (academic, periodical, book), time period, or subject. 

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Searching Individual Databases for Articles

A list of Fintel Library general/multidisciplinary databases that you can use to search for information on a variety of topics. For a specialized list of databases, visit our Research Guides page and search by discipline.

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of information.

Most often, in library terminology, this means an online collection of articles--scholarly journal articles,magazine articles, and newspaper articles.

Some databases are "multidisciplinary"--meaning they contain articles on a wide variety of topics. Other databases are more specialized and may focus on articles from a particular subject area such as business, biology, or psychology.

What is a Scholarly Journal?

Oftentimes, your professor may want you to find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article.

Characteristics of peer-reviewed articles:

  • Based on original research.
  • Written by an expert: professor, researcher, scholar, scientist.
  • Length: usually at least 5 pages. Sometimes upwards of 20 pages.
  • Always cites sources. Look for a list of sources at the end of the article, or footnotes at the bottom of each page.
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles are often called:scholarlyacademicrefereed.
  • NOT a magazine article or newspaper article.

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