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International Students: Library Services and Resources: Inside the Library

What's on each floor?


Ground floor
Archives, Bound Periodicals, Microform, Writing Center, Classroom 1, TV Studio, Group Study Rooms

1st floor

Lending Services, CUPS coffee shop, Center for Learning and Teaching, Reference, Public Computers, Printers, Collaboration Room (must reserve at Lending Services Desk), Media Collection, Browsing Periodicals

2nd floor

(Quiet Floor) Administration Offices, Cirulating Collection A-PZ, Music Scores

3rd floor

Computer Lab (Room 300), Board Meeting Room, Individual Study Rooms, Group Study Rooms, Circulating Collection Q-Z


Printers, Copiers, and Scanners

The Library has three printers- two on the first floor and one in the third floor computer lab. All printers will print in both color (.40 cents a page) and black and white (.06 cents a page). In order to release your print job, you must swipe your Roanoke College ID card in the card reader stations near the printers. If you are not logged on to the computer that you sent the print job from (i.e. your friend logged you in) and you swipe your ID card to release the print job, then your document will not be there. You must be logged in to the computer in order to release your print job with your ID card. You are allotted $50 a year for printing, and the card reader will tell you how much you are being charged and your remaining balance after you swipe your card. 

The balance you have for printing at the end of the school year disappears- you do not get that money back. 

Copy Machine
Located on the first floor, also functions as a printer. Copies are .06 cents a page. If you need assistance with the copier, please see the Reference or Lending Services Desk for assistance.

The copy machine on the first floor also functions as a scanner. You can email yourself documents by clicking the Copy function, selecting manual entry and typing your email address in. Select OK, scan the documents you need, then press the # key. This will send the documents to the designated email address. If you need assistance scanning, please see the Reference or Lending Services Desk for assistance.

There are also portable Canon scanners throughout the Library. You can move them to any desktop you wish. Once you have logged in, you will find the scanner under the Devices and Printers drive on the computer. 

Subject Guide

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