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Honors 301: Medical Evidence (Sarisky): Books


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HONORS 301:  Medical Evidence

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Bottom line medicine: a layman's guide to evidence-based medicine / Stanzak  (2006)

Breast-feeding management for the clinician: using the evidence / Walker  (2006)

Cases on health outcomes and clinical data mining: studies & frameworks / Cerrito  (2010)

Clinical practice guidelines we can trust / (2011)

Congential malformations: evidence-based evaluation and management / Kumar  (2008)

Creating knowledge-based healthcare organizations / Wickramasinghe  (2005)

Evidence-based counselling and psychological therapies: research & applications / Rowland  (2000)

Evidence-based gastroenterology and hepatology / McDonald  (1999)

Evidence-based imaging: Optimizing imaging in patient care / Medina  (2006)

Evidence-based pediatrics / Feldman  (2000)

Evidence-based practice: a critical appraisal / Trinder  (2000)

Evidence-based practice in nursing informatics: concepts & applications / Cashin  (2011)

Evidence-based practice in primary care / Silagy  (2001)

Evidence-based practice: methods, models and tools for mental health / Stout  (2005)

Guide to clinical preventive services: 2012 / Moyer (2012)

How to read a paper: the basics of evidence based medicine / Greenhalgh  (2001)

Initial management of injuries: an evidence based approach / Sing  (2001)

ISpine: evidence-based interventional spine care / DePalma  (2011)

Last well person: how to stay well despite the health care system / Hadler (2004, 2007)

Low back disorders: evidence-based prevention & rehabilitation / McGill (2007)

New technologies for advancing healthcare & clinical practices / Tan  (2011)

Outcome measurement and management: first steps for the practicing clinician / Kaplan  (2007)

Parkland manual of in-patient medicine: an evidence-based approach / Katz  (2006)

Patient safety & quality: an evidence-based handbook for nurses / Hughes (2008)

PDQ: evidence-based principles and practice / McKibbon  (1999)

Public health for an aging society / Prohaska  (2012) -- see chapter "Behavioral risk factors and evidence-based interventions"

Qualitative research in the health sciences / Taylor (2013)

Rational diagnosis & treatment: evidence-based clinical decision-masking / Wulff (1999)

Reconciling empirical knowledge and clinical experience: the art and science of psychotherapy / Soldz (2000)

Risk, chance, and causation: investigating the origins and treatment of disease / Bracken (2013)

Shadow medicine: the placebo in conventional & alternative therapies / Haller (2014) - see Chapter 1. Evidence-based medicine

Systematic reviews in health care: meta-analysis in context / Egger  (2001)

Tracking medicine: a researcher's quest to understand health care / Wennberg (2010)

Translational research and clinical practice: basic tools for medical decision-making and self-learning / Aranoff (2011)


***** Statistics for the life sciences / Samuels  (2012)








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Evidence-based medicine;  Evidence-based Nursing;  Evidence-based Pediatrics;  Evidence-based Psychiatry;  etc.,  Medicine - Decision making;  Medical informatics;  Nursing - Decision making;  Nursing informatics;   Pediatrics - Decision making;  Outcome assessment (Medical care);  Systematic reviews (Medical research); 

Biometry;  Clinical trials - Statistical methods;  Epidemiology - Statistical methods;  Medical statistics;  etc.

OR Keywords: 

evidence base*;  EBM;  EBP; knowledge translation;  translation of evidence into practice; therapeutic efficacy; retrospective studies;  sampling studies;  data analysis; etc.

[combined with Keywords:  clinical;  medical;  nursing;  health*;  disease*;  therap*;  diagnos* ;  etc. ]

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