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INQ 300 Making Life Count: News Sources found online without a subscription

U.S. News Sources

Some of these newspapers cover international news, too!


The following are some of the major, and most widely read, newspapers in the United States. Check the Voyager catalog and the Periodicals section of the library for some of these titles.

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

The Los Angeles Times

USA Today

The Chicago Tribune

The Washington Post

The Boston Globe

The Sane Jose Mercury News

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For a list of the top 100 newspapers in the United States by circulation, go here.

Select News Magazines



The Atlantic

The New Republic

The New Yorker

New York Magazine

News Radio and Television 


ABC News


Democracy Now! 

Fox News


PBS News Hour

Select News Blogs

The Huffington Post

The Daily Beast




The Daily Dish with Andrew Sullivan

International News Sources

*Tip - When looking for international news sources, look for local sources as well as coverage from major news hubs like the BBC or CNN. A good rule of thumb with news sources is to never just look at news from one location. 

For a list of the top 100 newspapers worldwide based on circulation numbers, gohere.

General - Headlines, newspapers, and news blogs from around the world.

Yahoo News Directory - Organized by country 

Wikipedia List of Newspapers - Organized by continent and country

Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives - Organized by country.

World News, UT Library Online - Hosted by the University of Texas. 

Kidon Media Link - Search over 19,000 links to newspapers around the world.

Latin America

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) News and Newspapers - Hosted by the University of Texas.  

Latin America News at Latin America Links - News aggregator that covers current events in South and Central America.


w3newspapers European Newspapers Online - Lists general European new sources and country-specific items.

Selected Western European Newspapers and News Services - Hosted by the Associated College and Research Libraries Western European Studies website.

European Media Monitor - News aggregator that also tracks social media trends in Europe.

Central and Eastern European News Aggregator - Hosted by the Institute for International European Policy.

Asia and the Middle East 

Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera news coverage in English

Asia Times Online - News hub for the Middle East and Asia.

Asia Society News Hub - Current news and media coverage aggregated from various sources.


Cooperative African Newspapers Project - Hosted by the Center for Research Libraries Global Resources Network.

allAfrica - News aggregator site

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