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INQ 177 HEALTH & HAPPINESS (J. Maina): Books

(May 2013)


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Athlete's palate cookbook... art of fueling up while eating / Lee (2010)

Art of happiness / Dalai Lama (2009)

Authentic happiness / Seligman (2004)

Chemistry of calm: a powerful drug-free plan to quiet your fears & overcome your anxiety / Emmoms (2010)

Clean: the revolutionary program to restore the body's natural ability to heal itself / Junger (2012)

Connected: the surprising power of our social networks.../ Fowler & Christakis (2009)

Cultivating the spirit: how college can enhance the student's inner lives / Lindholm & Astin (2011)

Cure for everything: untangling twisted messages about health, fitness and happiness / Caulfield (2012)

Curious: discovering the missing ingredient to a fulfilling life / Kashdan (2010)

Daring greatly / Brown (2012)

Exercise and cognitive function / McMorris (2009)

Finding flow: the psychology of engagement with everyday life / Csikszentmihalyi (1997)

Flourish: a visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being / Seligman (2011)

Flow: the psychology of optimal experience / Csikszentmihalyi (1991)

Gift of loving kindness / Brantley & Hanauer (2008)

Gifts of imperfection / Brown (2010)

Good girls don't get fat: how weight obsession is messing up our girls... / Silverman (2010)

Happier / Ben-Shahar (2007)

Happiness project / Rubin (2011)

Happiness: unlocking the mysteries of psychological health / Diener (2008)

Happy for no reason: 7 steps to being happy from the inside out / Shimoff (2009)

Happy yoga: 7 reasons why there is nothing to worry about / Ross  (2003)

How of happiness: a new approach / Lyubomyrsky (2008)

How to get kids offline, outdoors, and connecting with nature / Thomas (2014)

I am grateful:  recipes and lifestyle...  / Englehart (2007)

I thought it was just me / Brown (2007)

Inviting a monkey to tea: befriending your mind and discovering lasting contentment / Colier (2012) ???

It starts with food: discover the whole30 and change your life in unexpected ways / Hartwig (2012)

Life after college: drivers for young adult success / APLUS (2014)

Living cuisine: the art and spirit of raw food / Loux (2003)

May I be happy: a memoir of love, yoga, & chaning my mind / Lee  (2013)

Mindful movements: 10 exercises for well-being / Nhat Hanh  (2008)

Nutrition: myPlate update / Insel (2013)

Paradise lot: two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre and the making of an edible garden oasis in the city / Toensmeier (2013)

Perfect health: the complete mind body guide / Chopra (2000)

Physical activity across the lifespan: prevention & treatment for health & well-being / Meyer (2012)

Physical activity and mental health / Clow (2014)

Physical activity guidelines for Americans: be active, healthy & HAPPY / DHHS  (2008)

Resonant leadership: renewing yourself & connecting with others... /Boyatzis & McKee (2005)

Simply in season / Lind (2009)

Spark: the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain / Ratey (2008)

Spontaneous happiness / Weil  (2011)

Sport and physical activity for mental health / Carless (2010)

Unleash the power of the female brain: supercharging yours for better health, energy, mood, focus & health / Amen (2013)

User's guide to the brain: perception, attention, and the four theaters / Ratey (2002)











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