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INQ 300: Winning, Money & the NCAA (Creasy): Books

Dr. Creasy- (Spring 2016)


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How we can save sports: a game plan (2015) / Reed

College student athletes: challenges, opportunities & policy implications (2009)

Fifteen sports myths & why they're wrong / Fort (2013) -- including "pay for play"

Air-ball: American education's failed experiment with elite athletes  (2006)

Academic spending versus athletic spending: who wins? / Delta Cost Project report (2013)  E-Report

Data driven decision-making in intercollegiate athletics / Hoffman et al (2009)

Last dance: behind the scenes at the Final Four / Feinstein (2006)

Economics of sports / Leeds (2014) - see especially the last chapter on Amateurism & College Sports

Economics of college sports / Fizel (2004)

Economics of intercollegiate sports / Grant (2008)

Undue process: the NCAA's injustice for all / Yaeger (1991)

Intercollegiate athletics: recent trends in teams & participants in NCAA sports / US Govt Accountability Office (2007)

The Game of life: college sports and educational values / Shulman (2001)

Sports justice: the law & the business of sports / Abrams (2010)

Title IX, sex discrimination, & intercollegiate athletics: a legal overview / Congressional Research Service (2012)

Getting in the game: Title IX and the women's sports revolution (2010)

Encyclopedia of Title IX and sports / Mitchell (2007)

Equal play: Title IX and social change / Hogshead-Makar (2007)

A New season: using title IX to reform college sports (2003)

Women & sports in the U.S.: a documentary reader  / O'Reilly (2007)

"The NCAA becomes an economic cartel" IN: American Sports: from the age of folk games to the age of televised sports / Rader (2009)

"Monopsony in action: the NCAA" IN: Monopsony in law & economics / Blair (2010)

"College and semi-pro sports" IN: Sports in America / Messina (2001)

"Should college sports be reformed?" IN: Sports & athletes: opposing viewpoints / Egendorf (2005)

Performance versus results: a critique of values in contemporary sport / Gibson (1993)

Sports ethics: an anthology / Boxhill (2003)

Sports ethics: a reference handbook / Berlow (1994)

Modern sports ethics: a reference handbook / Lumpkin (2009)

Sports and freedom: the rise of big-time college athletics / Smith (1990)

Personal fouls: the broken promises and shattered dreams of big money college basketball / Golenbock (1989)

Onward to victory: the crises that shaped college sports / Sperber (1998)

Why sports morally matter / Morgan (2006)

Right actions in sport: ethics for contestants / Fraleigh (1984)

Pain & injury in sport: social & ethical analysis / Loland (2006)

"Ethical issues & the scholarly field of sport ethics" IN: The Making of high-performance athletes: discipline, diversity & ethics / Shoagn (1999)

Ethics, money and sport: this sporting mammon / Walsh (2007)  E-BOOK







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Consider searching by SUBJECTS:

National Collegiate Athletic Association;  NCAA Basketball tournament;  College sports;  College athletes;  Sex discrimination in sports;  Women athletes;  Sports for women;  Discrimination in sports;  Sports-Law and legislation;  Sports-Moral and ethical aspects;  Mass media and sports;  etc. 


Consider searching by KEYWORDS:

O'Bannon; Pay for play; Licensing agreements; Player compensation; Revenue sports; NCAA; UNC sports; Tarheels; Heels; "Carolina Way"; Amateurism; Knight Commission; College athletics;  Intercollegiate; Interscholastic;  Title IX;  OR, Online course*; Academic cheating; Academic fraud; Proctoring online [test, exams]; Bogus course*; Improper assistance [tutoring, mentoring]

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